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About Robert Osei Anim

I am a quiet person and always try to make people around me happy. I believe that painting is a natural gift from God and what I have done is improve this gift by attending an arts school. During that time I began to go to art exhibitions to observe the work of other artists, and I would start imagining myself at my own exhibitions. These dreams encouraged me to take my courses more seriously. I kept sketching live objects all the time to master this art.

“I was born in Accra on October, early eighties and have loved to paint ever since I was child. I studied at the Ankle College of Art in Accra. I paint what I feel, and my favorite genres are African symbols, portraits, abstract compositions, landscapes, and watercolors amongst others. I prefer to paint with acrylics and oils – they are easy to work with when you know what you are doing. My inspiration to paint comes from God and the things I see around me.

“I’ve been teaching since I left school. Starting on my own has not been easy at all but God has being with me through it all. All hasn’t been difficult though. There have been frustrating moments that when I recall today they seem funny now. I remember once I was in the studio painting and could not get things as I wanted on the canvas, so I ended up using the paints on my face and slept on the ground in the studio!

“I have earned several awards for my unique style. My hope and dreams for the future is to become a famous African artist as well as a lecturer in fine arts.”

Robert was named Best Student by Accra’s Ankle College of Art (2002) and Best Painter by South Africa’s Ludwig Herrmannsen School. The artist and his work where highlighted in a report by CNN’s Inside Africa in April 2010.